A website living on a hosting service has certain factors to rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Big etc. One of the most prominent of these factors, according to Google and other online companies, is the speed at which a website loads. Surely, when you are browsing a website at your end of the Internet, the speed at which the website loads mainly depends on the speed (bandwidth) that is being provided by your ISP. On the same note, it also depends on the distance of your location from the location of the server where the site has been hosted.

It is obvious that estimating the browsing speed factor for your website is a multifaceted game. Therefore, there is a need that a certain benchmark has to be determined to evaluate the initial speed when you may try to focus on the improvement of speed of your website in your search engine optimization (SEO) endeavors.

To determine the baseline before improving the speed of your website can be done through this highly accurate and useful tool named as Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker co-developed by a highly experienced and authoritative web developer and internet marketer Daren Low. One exemplary hosting service that has been speed tested by this tool is eHost. eHost is optimized and maintained for speed by this tool. The Bitcatcha tool can be used for any type of website for speed estimations, it’s not just for websites of hosting companies.

Search engines love speedy websites and therefore when website speed is improved and enhanced the search engines rank the website higher. Moreover, the statistics show that website visitors wait for only two seconds for a website to load. 40% of visitors flee if the load time of your website exceeds three seconds. It is here where Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker tool comes in very handy to pin down the speed of your website load and then strive to improve it rather than relying on hunches by loading a website again and again to spot the difference. The Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker tool is very simple to use, just enter the URL of your website and hit the enter key. This returns your website speed data in a very comprehensive but easy to understand format giving you the browsing speed of your website in top regions with the most active Internet usage like USA, London and Japan etc. takes place.  One great output feature of this tool is that it gives a simple to understand grade to your website such as A+, A and D to overall assessment of your website’s speed. The reports from this online website speed checker tool is highly intuitive and does not require any specialize knowhow or knowledge.

As a well-informed website owner taking steps to a fast browsing website leads to higher ranking in search engines leading to a booming online business. More visitors with relevant interests will be able to find your website. The enhanced user experience creates a satisfied customer base and effective sales funnels. Higher conversion rate and more page views resulting in increased sharing of content from your website. You can see your mailing lists grow without breaking the bank.

The way this tool works is also worth mentioning. When you enter the URL of your website it results in the DNS name resolution of the hosting server of your website to determine its IP address. This provides Bitcatcha the location on your website on internet. A “ping” is generated from eight different global locations simultaneously to your website. The responses of these pings are captured and swift calculations are made show the loading time results in milliseconds in a form of a user friendly report. One of the most cool feature in the results is the amazing comparison that this tool provides with the previously tested Alexa (www.Alexa.com) top 10,000 global sites with your website. The Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker tool is highly recommended for well-informed website owner, do try it.