Are you fed up of your old longboard or you want your first longboard on your birthday? Atom Drop Deck longboard is a nice choice. It is crafted with strong, sturdy and robust maple wood and the design is really beautiful. Atom have a series of longboards in which Atom Drop Deck Longboard is perhaps the safest on high speeds because It has its deck at a low height from the ground surface. One of the most fun activity in long boarding is downhill riding and with its high stability the beginners are not left out. The low deck has another very noticeable advantage that you would feel when you ride the longboard is that it allows you to exert less effort while you’re on a long cruise. The wheels have very low friction with the axel and the wheels keep on spinning for a longer time with less effort, giving you a smooth ride.

Whom this product is designed for?

  • Students on campus
  • Sports personnel
  • Athletes
  • Dare devils
  • Teen agers
  • Thrill seekers

Feature#1: Drop style deck

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is specifically designed to lower the center of gravity of the rider from the ground. The human center of gravity, generally lies between the chest and the solar plexus. Lowering the center of gravity gives more physical stability and confidence to the rider and beginner skaters are easily able to maintain their balance. The Atom Drop Deck longboard is great to start learning longboarding. When you are riding a long distance it is important to conserve your energy so that you won’t get tiered quickly. The drop deck design allows you to save you a lot of effort so you can travel longer distances without exhausting yourself out.

Feature#2: The size is just right

The size of the Atom drop deck longboard is 41 inches that is the size of the deck constructed with maple wood. This means the size of the longboard enables skaters of all sizes can enjoy the ride so you can share your longboard without the fear of it being broken or damaged. Heavy guys can ride it as easily as well as the lighter ones. The size is just right in a way that it also adds stability to the longboard during the ride.

Feature#3: Highly Stable

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is extremely stable not only because of its drop deck made of maple but also due to its Reverse Kingpin Trucks (or RKP Trucks). The RKP Trucks are designed and fitted in to the longboard in such a way that they add up to the stability of the longboard. Moreover, there is no flex in the longboard even on high speeds this is also a factor that makes it more stable. This allows you to enjoy fast long rides without the fear of falling.

Feature#4: Good Movement

One of the awesome features of this longboard is its movements and graceful maneuverability thanks to its Reverse Kingpin trucks with 245 mm axels. The longboard has nothing less than amazing in maneuverability due to this component. The high maneuverability allows to turn sharp corners and perform quick reactions at high speeds. Many times in a downhill skating you run into a situation when you have to suddenly dodge an obstacle that comes in your way. This can be a car or child running in to your skateboard path. Having this ability to change the direction of longboard becomes very important. The Atom Drop Deck Longboard respond on rider actions amazingly well.


  • Looks good
  • No wheel biting
  • Ease of pushing
  • No wear and tear
  • Good bearings
  • Full maple laminated deck
  • Perfect for long distance riding
  • Good for down hill
  • Good for cruising
  • Durable and sleek
  • Maximum stability
  • 6-inches of leverage into every turn
  • Safe and affordable
  • Ideal for down hilling
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Not considered as top class
  • Axel may bend slightly after few rides
  • Makes awful squeaking sound
  • Low deck may bang on curbs
  • Wood chipping may occur due to bangs
  • Less grip tape
  • Wheels are too soft for sliding
  • Too much sliding leaves spots on the wheels
  • Grip tape may slightly peel off from sides

Other Features

  • Nice Carvings: The Reverse Kingpin trucks makes the carving awesome on your longboard. You can do amazing carvings while downhill or on a cruise. The perimeter shape also plays a great role in doing perfect carves
  • Durable Bearings: The Atom Drop Deck Longboard has reliable ABEC5 bearings. These bearings are designed for speed and performance and cut they can down your travel time significantly. Your skating experience can be made excitingly speedy with a special lubricant that used in these ABEC-5 bearings.
  • Comfortable Wheels: Its 70×51 wide-lip super high rebound urethane wheels are designed for high comfort during the ride. You can have a smooth ride on bumpy roads and rough grounds.


Q#1: I am new to longboarding, I just want to know that if this board makes a good choice for me?

Yes, it is highly recommended for new longboard learners. Even newbies can do some very fascinating stuff with it.

Q#2: Does it turns good during ride?

Yes, it turns remarkably well, one tip for fans of this longboard is to loosen the Kingpin trucks a bit. It will make your turns even more awesome even tight corner turning will become a fun thing to do.

Q#3: Should I assemble it myself? If so, do I need to buy some special tools?

It comes completely assembled. Its ready for the joy ride as soon as you open the box.


This product has around 70% 5-star reviews on Amazon which is actually quite good. Atom Drop Down Longboard is definitely very user friendly especially for people who are newbies in world of skating but novice and experts also like its performance. It is designed to be highly stable and maneuverable no matter if you are going for a cruise or enjoying a downhill ride. It ABEC-5 bearings and Reverse Kingpin Trucks are awesome components that makes this product worth trying even for expert skaters. Its strength and durability also makes it suitable for the people of all weight categories. Although, there are some minor downsides of this longboard that takes the limelight away for a while but considering its low price, beautiful and attractive design and other beneficial features, makes it very popular among the skate lovers of all groups.