Do body monitor work?

High tech Body Fat Monitors are hot in the market as traditional weight scale sale is dropping sharply. The best feature of Body Fat Monitor is that it does not only give your body weight but also tells you the percentage amount of pure fat in your body. Body Fat Monitors otherwise known as “Body Fat Analyzers” or “Body Fat Scales” are very simple to use, just like a traditional weighing scale you either stand on them or hold them in you hand. The body fat is measured passing a low level of unnoticeable electric current through your body. Lean tissue in your body contains water and electrolyte being a good conductor. On the other hand, as fat is a bad conductor of electricity and the amount of electric resistance is measured by the Body Fat Monitor to give you an estimate. You need to stand bare feet, wear minimal clothing, your bladder should be free of urine, avoid alcohol and exercise before the measure. If these instructions are properly followed a good device will give result that will be accurate and persistent to quite an extent. You can keep track of the result in percentages which makes it a great motivational instrument. Even the best Body Fat Scale devices cannot be compared for their accuracy with the highly specialized biomedical devices that are used in science labs. However, its result readings are consistent and can be used comparatively.

How to choose the best Body Fat Monitor?

There are a great variety of Body Fat Monitors available with lot of different features to choose from. The best Body Fat scale for you is the one that has all the features that fulfill your requirements with an appropriate price tag.

Different Body Fat Scales come with following functionalities and features. There is a lot you can do with them other than measuring weight and body fat as you will find out as you read on.

  1. Track body fat percentage.
  2. Track body mass index (BMI)
  3. Automatic uploading of your data through Wi-Fi to company website
  4. Track your progress with graph software on company website
  5. Easy aria setup to recognize a certain number of users
  6. Aria provided password protected accounts
  7. Allows control over data sharing between account
  8. Provide two modes one for athletes and other one for non-athletes
  9. Heart rate measurement
  10. Continuous air quality tracking
  11. Automatic upload of data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  12. App (iOS and Android) with graph to track progress and calorie intake
  13. Highly pressure sensitive and smart weight pad
  14. Measure body water
  15. Measure Muscle mass
  16. Measure MBR(KCAL)
  17. Measure Bone mass
  18. Measure Visceral Fat
  19. ITO layer (metal-less) surface with high sensitivity
  20. Full body sensing for more accuracy

Different combination of these features are found in the best Body Fat Scales that cater different need of certain cadre of people. The above features and functionalities will help you understand the scope of different Body Fat Monitor functionalities.

#1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

  • Accurate tracking of weight and body fat percentage online
  • Tracking of Body Mass Index online
  • Automatic upload of data via Wi-Fi to that show graph of your progress
  • Simple aria setup and automatic recognition up to 8 users
  • Password protected accounts with aria
  • Data sharing options between user accounts

This is a perfect machine if you consider yourself as a layman. You are not an athlete or exercise fanatic and you are looking for a descent and accurate device to track your progress with lite exercises and balanced diet. This is also a good choice if you have just started to become health conscious and you need a descent device with some simple functionality to track your weight loss program.

#2. Omron Fat Loss Monitor

  • Measures body fat weight
  • Measures body fat percentage
  • Has two modes one for athletes and another for non-athletes
  • Manufactured is the US

Since it is manufactured in United States it is quite so that this product will be of top quality because of top manufacturing standards compared to manufacturing standards in china and other Asian countries that produce and export electronics. This body fat monitor is designed to be held in your hand. It will also save you some time for calculation since it gives you the measurement of body fat weight along with body fat percentage. The best feature of this device is that it has been specially designed for athletes and non-athletes alike. So, if you are an amateur or a novice athlete than this may prove to be best for you.

#3. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, Black

  • Ultra precise weight measurement
  • Ultra precise body fat measurement
  • It has position control for a standing person making it more accurate
  • Heart rate measurement while standing on the machine
  • Indoor air quality tracking
  • Automatic upload of your data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Calorie tracking
  • Improve your health using a HealthMate app (in Android and iOS, in partner with MyFitnessPal)
  • The physical scale of this Body Fat Monitor is designed to help center the user to obtain accurate readings especially if a user habitually does fidgets while standing on the scale.

If you are a fan of mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems than this Body Fat Monitor is definitely for you. The scale machine shares your data with mobile devices and then sky is the limit after that, large chunks of data collected over a period of time can be formatted visually and displayed to you in easy to understand graphical format that can serve as a great source of motivation for the health conscious user.

#4. Easy at Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale with App for iOS and Android Mobile Devices CF 351BT

  • Measures Body weight
  • Measures Body Fat
  • Measures Body Water
  • Measures Muscle Mass
  • Measures Body Mass Index
  • Measures BMR(Kcal)
  • Measures Bone Mass
  • Measures Visceral Fat
  • Uses blue tooth technology
  • The measurements from the scale can be sent to a corresponding App that runs on Anroid or iOS
  • Highly sensitive pressure sensors that can measure in increments 0.2 lb/0.1 kg
  • Metal-less surface with high sensitivity by an ITO layer

If you are really hungry for getting all types of measurement information from your body than you can buy this Body Fat Monitor. It also has a small price tag compared to other body fat scale machines and it seems like a very good deal as you can see from the above impressive array of its features. At the same time, it is claimed not to have sacrificed any incorporation of technology because of its competitive price. Moreover, it can be used with mobile devices also.

#5. Omron Full Body Sensor with Scale & 5 Fitness Indicators

  • Full body sensing
  • Extremely accurate
  • Hand to foot sensing technology (more accurate that foot to foot Body Fat Monitors)
  • Manufactured in the USA

If you are scientific minded and want a body fat monitoring machine that is more accurate than this a deal for you. The foot to foot Body Fat Monitors on which you stand is not able to pass low voltage for measurement in the arms thus they lose accuracy. The Body Fat Monitors that uses low level current through the arms cannot measure the fat in legs with accuracy. The Body Fat Monitor does a very accurate job by passing measuring current through the arms and then through the legs allowing a very high degree of accuracy. Moreover, it is US made.