Problem statement

There is a huge flux of white collar jobs being outsourced to emerging markets like China and India from the United States. Many scholars see this as a threat to US economy. In other words, the US economy is seen as becoming a victim of Globalization. The work that is being outsourced is making US entrepreneur rich as huge amounts (Reported in one case as much as 50%) cost is cutting that turned into huge amounts of profits as expensive US labors are being laid off  (Roberts, 2010). The labor outside US is much cheaper. The other problem besides the unemployment, in the US because of Globalization, is that the students in the United States are not taking courses and programs that lead to work having the risk of being outsourced such as Writing, Information Technology, and the Computer sciences, etc.

Literature review

The outsourcing of jobs to outside US is a process that is seen by the Americans as a menace and nationalism is fueled by it. The companies move out because entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity the take advantage of cheap labor, if legislation or policy is made against such (Amadeo, 2014). The outsourcing of US jobs is seen as an emerging problem by many people who have a vague picture of that what is happening.

This fact cannot be denied under any circumstance, there is no way Globalization and its corresponding technologies can be stopped. The distances are shrinking as the world is getting flatter. The people around the world are finding themselves living in a global village the Berlin walls are falling.

The proposal

The outsourcing of US jobs is an on-going process that cannot be stopped. We can see it in a utopian perspective. There may be hidden opportunities that can be exploited as there is a bright side of everything,

Including Business. An optimistic solution can be found. In the current situation, the wealth is being gathered in a particular sector of Businessmen. They are growing rich as the cost is being slashed off and on the other side people are losing their jobs and getting unemployed (Earp-2684139, 2012). Business is a field that flourishes upon mutual benefit and requires a lot of patience and optimism. The paper will be focused on how the US nation with its immense power and resources can play an important role helping other nations in the global business and protecting its interest at the same time. Jackson has made a detailed study on these issues (Jackson, 2013). (, 2013) also gives an insight into the issues faced by the USA.

Research Method

This research will mainly incorporate qualitative method with descriptive analysis of the US situation in terms of outsourcing and the rising unemployment. The overall condition is somewhat too early and thus, it is vague. In order to prevent any catastrophe in the future it will be made sure that the material gathered in this research will help all the nations.


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