The eyes are known to be the windows to the human soul. It is claimed that the love between a man and woman also starts from an eye contact. People fall in love with their eyes so there must a deeper connection between the heart and the eyes than we may know. So in this context, a woman with beautiful eyes with an interesting makeover does stand a chance to hunt a handsome man down. They also say that eyes can speak and you can say many things with your eyes if you cannot use your lips on a particular occasion. Caring for the eyes in beautiful world of vanity is just as, if not more, important than it is caring for the skin.

Before you start a makeover for your eyes it is important that you wash your whole face with a gentle cleanser or a makeup wipe. Pay special attention to left over mascara and eyeliner. If you face problem removing your previous eye makeup try using cold water or regular lotion with a cotton swab. A condition exists when a girl has dry skin around her eyes, in such a situation, extensively use moisturizer. You can put moisturizer around the outer corners of your eyes and temples but be careful, never put moisturizer on your eyelids—this will run off the makeup you apply.

This is a tutorial for aesthetically creating dark and dramatic brown and smoky eye with some shimmer in warm and cold tones. First always wash your face, to remove any previous make up, and dry your face as emphasized before.

Apply Moisturizer

Apply a good moisturizer. Moisturizer in a form of a lotion or a cream, this helps make your skin moist and soft. As mentioned before, keep your eyelids clean and dry of any moisturizer.

Apply Primer

Apply a makeup primer with your hands and figures where necessary. Makeup primer is base for face to make the skin smoother and it even minimizes the appearance of pores. Primers in cream, gel, and powder form. You can use any primer that suits your taste.

Apply Foundation

Then apply the appropriate makeup foundation with a nice beauty blender. Beauty blender is an ultimate makeup sponge. When obtaining a foundation keep in mind to have the foundation that matches your skin type. If you have an oily skin, then do not use the same type of foundation that someone with the dry skin uses. Take the beauty blender and gently apply the foundation to your complete face. Make sure that you apply it sparingly to get a good result.

Apply Concealer

After this you need to apply a concealer with the beauty blender. A concealer is similar to a foundation, the difference is that it is rather thicker and it is used to hide different pigments, pores, age spots, dark circles and other imperfections in the skin to blend in and provide a nice skin tone.

Apply Brow Color

As the name suggests Brow Color is the cosmetic that defines, sculpts and enhance your eye brows. You can use Dip Brow Pomade made by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is water proof and a creamy formula that is smudge free i.e. it does not leave dirty marks. For this tutorial two brow colors “chocolate” and “blonde” are be mixed together. Use a small angled makeup brush and apply the blonde brow color to your eye brow. Fill in all the eyebrow defining its shape. Take another brush and apply the chocolate color and apply it the same way. Where ever your eye brow lacks hair apply the chocolate color there so that the eye brows looks full.

Use Brow gel

You can use Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to add more definition and hold the brow hairs at their place for a complete one day.

Use Primer Potion (from Urban Decay)

Use Primer potion preferably by Urban Decay. Use it to keep your eye shadows without crease while keeping a vibrant presence and the apply it smoothly. Apply on your eyelids and lower eyelash line using a makeup brush of appropriate size.

Apply Eyeshades

You can use Smashbox Full exposure palette as an eyeshadow palette to get a nice range of shades. Gently apply eyeshades lighter color like light yellow on eye lids. Then use another color pallet using a fluffy brush to apply a bit darker light brown color around the eyelids.

Apply Auburn Color

Apply Auburn eye brow color (Dip Brow Pomade made by Anastasia Beverly Hills) all over your eyelids and lower eyelash lines. Use the Auburn color with a makeup brush of appropriate size. Auburn is a warm shade of brown, use it as a shadow base. Just before the color dries use another clean makeup brush and blend it in with the base color.

Apply Dark Brown Color

Use your eyeshadow palette and apply Dark brown color using a normal eyeshadow brush and apply it at the outer crease and around lower eyelashes to create a beautiful effect of depth. Then use a fluffy brush and blend the colors in.

Apply Makeup Pigments

After this you can apply makeup pigments preferably in gold or silver color over the central part of the eyelids where you did not apply the dark brown color. Remember that you applied the dark brown color around the outer crease of the eyes and on the lower eyelashes so the area in the center part was of lighter color that will be covered by the beautiful shimmer of gold or silver pigment.

Apply Gel Eye Liner

You can use Sigma Wicked Gel Eye Liner to make your eyes prominent. You need to use an eye liner brush and Sigma also makes superb eye liner brushes also. Use the eyeliner brush and take some eye liner gel and create a lines on your upper eyelid little above your eyelashes and fill it up with the dark color of the eye gel stretching and pointing out on the outer sides of your eyes.

Apply Mascara and Thick Eyelashes

Now you can go ahead and apply mascara and thick eyelashes.

Highlight Your Face

Apply the shade of your choice with a makeup brush to highlight the features of your face

Wear Lipstick

Now wear your favorite shade of lipstick and enjoy.

In order to have fun with any makeup or makeover never keep your creativity inside. Let your creativity go loose and trust yourself, this will truly bring out your true personality in your appearance.