Computer systems are very costly digital machines especially in the developing countries, majority of people cannot afford them and when it comes to people who can afford them, there many privileged children whose parents can afford computers but mostly carry so much functionality that they are too much sophisticated for small children that a lot of money is wasted on features that in the machine that are never used. Keeping this scenario in mind an organization named Raspberry Pi Foundation has created small digital computers that is extremely affordable and simple. These computer series named Raspberry Pi is as large as a credit card, it is based on a single board. This very inexpensive device is used throughout the world to teach computer science also and it has been already sold to millions of people.

This review is about Eludio backup battery for Raspberry PI 3 that is a device that is used to power the Raspberry Pi computers. It has a UPS and power backup both in one unit. This enhances the portability of Raspberry Pi computers.

The Eludio is a smart device that provides Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to your  Raspberry Pi computers which has some pretty remarkable features.

There are reports that it is overcharging the battery in some cases which might be a bug in this machine.

Overcharging can blow up the battery a huge safety risk for Eludio to handle.

There are very nice pre built in plug and play devices in the Raspberry Pi UPS that people want to build on their own and replicate them.

It has a brilliant design.

Its backup functionality is quite innovative

It has developed features are closed to a microcomputer. Pretty cool…

It’s awesome because it can be upgradable.

There is a very awesome feature in this battery is that it continuously checks for voltage on the Raspberry Pi and automatically switches back to the main electric supply line.

It has a very high range of features with a nominal price.

The battery charges simultaneously as the power is restored to the main power supply, good for third world countries where power outages are very common. It makes the Raspberry Pi more usable in countries that are suffering with energy problems.

The built in UPS in this device is very smart and can make decisions on its own to manage the power supply that is what I have heard.

A very intelligent automatic charger that can learn on its own and execute the correct path of action.

It is very awesome that it comes with Integrated software with real time clock.

This is very disturbing that the battery is not included in the package why does it has to be bought separately?

The uninterruptible system is very advance and many techie people like it.

There best part of this device that you do not have to bother for LiPO battery or to mount it yourself with this UPS.

This feature is very cool that you can upgrade it to 3000mAh which means the battery last long—very long.

Users can enjoy Raspberry Pi for a very long time without plugging in the devices. This mean you have a lot of mobility now.

I am a great fan of the smart features of this Raspberry Pi Backup Battery Hat V1.2 that it can automatically sense the power supply on a stand by. As there is a power outage or when the Raspberry Pi computer is disconnected this change is detected by this smart device and automatic shift to the UPS mode. If the power in the wire is not present it can even, then continue on to check the power on a continuous basis and as the power comes back the system transfer itself back to main power line. Pretty awesome.