At this very moment millions of people are engaged in online bank transactions and at this same very moment an unknown number of hackers are busy in taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in your system to get their hands on your money. Studies show that most security software like antiviruses and antimalware on the market succeed only about 25% malware used to steal or destroy sensitive data from your computer either at work or at you home. Therefor many banks are moving towards the IBM security solution called The IBM® Security Trusteer® Fraud Protection Suite.

Trusteer was founded in 2006 in Israel,it is now a computer security division of IBM based in Boston that produces this suite of security software. The acquisition of Trusteer was made in 2103 by IBM. The IBM® Security Trusteer® Fraud Protection Suite offers a simplified approach to for organization in the information intelligence security industry to fight fraud and achieve fraud management never deemed possible before. It allows organizations to lower cost and improve user experience. The out-of- the-box integrations are given as follows.

  1. IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect (detection): This detects fraud based on evidence while significantly reducing false positive detections.
  2. IBM Security Access Manager (enforcement): Makes authentication more secure by making it threat aware and enforces safeguards when there is actual risk.
  3. IBM Counter Fraud Management (investigation): This allows advance case management and reporting streamlining investigations and threat analysis.
  4. IBM Security Trusteer Rapport for Mitigation (remediation): Powerful existing financial malware remover from infected network endpoints.

The organizations are recommended by IBM to initially purchase “IBM Security Pinpoint Detect” to detect fraud and once convinced that there are certain levels of risk, the organizations can purchase the following software from the suite to add the layers of enforcement, investigation and remediation as needed through built-in integrations. These integrations facilitate information sharing across the fraud management lifecycle and can reduce upfront and ongoing management costs.

IBM Trusteer Product Editions

IBM has six product editions to support the above mentioned integrations. These six products are listed as bellow.

  1. IBM Access Manager
  2. IBM Security Trusteer Rapport
  3. IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition
  4. IBM Security Trusteer Rapport for Mitigation
  5. IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect
  6. IBM Security Risk Based Authentication Solution


In the following are some of the advantages of The IBM® Security Trusteer® Fraud Protection Suite.

Distraction removal-allows you to focus on stopping fraud: The IBM® Security Trusteer® Fraud Protection Suite dramatically increases your chances as an organization to accurately detect and prevent fraud. It is particularly designed to help organizations to lower cost and enhance end user experience.

Reducing false positives with evidence-based detection: Fraud detection teams face high positive false rates. Only one out of one hundred transactions of flagged are identified as fraud. This is both time consuming and counterproductive. The reasons of this may vary, the challenge usually is to gather relative information and put through rigorous analysis. Traditional detection systems are prone to generate a high number of false alerts and false alarms because they lack visibility in fraud indicators and evasion techniques.

The distinction of IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite: The approach of IBM Security Trusteers Fraud Protection Suite is completely different from legacy fraud detection systems one best example is that it is based on statistical-based risk engines.

It is based on three fundamental principles Visibility, Global threat Intelligence Network and Agility by design as mentioned in the following.

Visibility: The IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect has an engine at its core that correlated a wide range of critical fraud indicators that includes phishing attacks malware infections, compromised credentials and advanced evasion methods. Enhanced device, geolocation and transactional modeling is also capable to sort out and identify fraudulent transactions.

Global threat Intelligent Network: The breadth, depth and speed is crucial in IT Security Intelligence in fighting fraud. IBM global threat intelligence network gathers threat intelligence from 270 million end user endpoints. The continuous gathering of Intelligence combined with cutting edge analytical technology provides unprecedented advantage over fraud detection.

Agility by design: Time is a very important element in cybersecurity solutions. IBM can rapidly detect, analyze, build and deploy countermeasures for new and emerging threats. Organization can also receive application aware defenses tailored specifically to their requirements increasing threat detection accuracy with the reduced operational cost.


There are also some downsides to this suite of software from IBM

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport is a resource hog: End users have reported problems with IBM Security Trusteer Rapport that their PC becomes slow due to high CPU and RAM utilization.

Incompatibility with other security and antivirus products: Although IBM claims that Trusteer Rapport is compatible with other Security products, many users have complained about incompatibility with various other security/antivirus products.

Removal difficulty: Many users also have complained about the difficulty to uninstall/remove IBM Trusteer products.

Can cause blue screen with some version of Windows: IBM Security Trusteer Rapport has been found to be reported to be incompatible with Microsoft Windows tool Driver verifier and may cause blue screen crashing computer in some versions of Microsoft Windows. Driver Verifier is not intended to be used with PCs in production environment the Trusteer support advise that the end users do not run Driver Verifier with Trusteer End point protection installation.  

Problems with Apple OSX: Different users of Apple OSX also have reported various problems with their MACs installed with IBM Security Trusteer Raport.

Top Features

Here are the most prominent features of IBM Trusteer products.

Product#1:IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect

When users access their online banking site, IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect:

  • Correlates device and session attributes to create a complex device fingerprint.
  • Creates profiles of user behavior.
  • Detects any potential digital device spoofing.
  • Identifies any user access by using compromised credentials.

Prodiuct#2: IBM Security Access Manager

IBM Security Access Manager integrated appliance is designed to:

  • Manage Access in the Hybrid Cloud
  • Provides risk-aware access security for mobile apps and APIs
  • Remove necessary barriers to mobile productivity

Product#3: IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport provides:

  • Solid multilayered protection
  • Protection of all web browser sessions
  • Defense against identity fraud to safeguard personal information.
  • Prevention of malware infections and eradication of existing malware to create a safer online banking experience for the customers.
  • Protection against phishing of credentials for and data with payment cards to preserve private information.

Product#4: IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition offers:

  • Detection of malware-infected devices that includes personal computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Accurate determination of fraud risk levels and helps create a security-rich user experience.
  • Accurate alerts for high-risk devices that are sent directly to the security team or the fraud detection team of the organization.
  • Malware removal for organizations using IBM Security Trusteer Rapport®.
  • High-risk transaction reporting to IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint™ Criminal Detection and risk engines.

Product#5: IBM Security Risk Based Authentication Solution

The IBM Security Risk Based Authentication Solution:

  • Enables real time information to become an integrated part of the IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) flow.
  • Allows the creation of organization-specific rules.
  • Advocates audits and actively assists in blocking fraudulent and high risk transactions – identifying fraud based on actual risk.

Product#6: IBM Security Trusteer Rapport for Mitigation

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport for Mitigation provides:

  • Enhanced protection to help secure user devices against active financial malware.
  • Prevention of Man-in-the-Middle attack and Man-in-the-Middle malware infections and removal of existing malware – creating a safer online banking experience for customers.
  • Better investigation capabilities with real-time malware infections and removal notifications.

 Protecting a system from fraud can be extremely mind boggling but the IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite can give you an edge over fraud protection as well as simplified integration with IBM enforcement, investigation and remediation solutions. The IBM makes sure that you get high visibility and adaptability over the fraud management life cycle. The intelligence of this IBM suite have evidence-based detectability with fewer false positives making the fraud detection highly accurate.  These IBM security technologies makes fraudulent activities extremely difficult on all scales securing organizational networks and workflows.