JKSL is at the forefront for the Japanese Knotweed removal nationwide and at Blackburn. The damage that Japanese Knotweed is causing to different man-made concrete structures and underground drains on commercial and private property. Not to mention that natural ecosystems that includes animal and plant life is also suffering in and around Blackburn which is a serious phenomenon silently taking place. Japanese Knotweed damages are costing UK’s economy millions of pounds every year mainly due to severe property damages and falling mortgage prices. Here at JKSL, there is a mission that aims to fight and confine the Japanese Knotweed overgrowth problem.

JKSL has a very strong client base that includes UK’s biggest landowners, construction and development companies, government agencies specifically UK’s Environment Agency and British Waterways.

JKSL has a workforce that is well adept in their craft with ongoing training ensuring timely delivery of professional work with the most recent of industry accreditations. JKSL always strives to provide the most effective and cost efficient solutions making it the leader in this industry as a solution provider.

At JKSL, outstanding customer services are provided with a dedicated team of 35 professionals with nationwide operations and a quick response team on standby for seven days a week to serve all over Blackburn. With 15 years of experience, a large clientele and competitive pricing for fighting Japanese Knotweed. JKSL ensures a guarantee of 100% success rate with 10 years of insurance-backed warranty for the identification, control and eradication of Japanese Knotweed over growth anywhere and under any circumstances.