Registration System Implementation at the AlMadina logistics

Freight Forwarding Department


I like to dedicate this report to my father who had always been a great inspiration for me.


After working for some time in the AlMadina Logistics’ freight forwarding department it was concluded that there were some inefficiencies in the documentation and record keeping. A lot of work was done manually on paper. When a client of AlMadina required some information about his concerns he had to wait while the information was reproduced manually. After inspecting into the situation I came up to a conclusion that there was no bookkeeping or account keeping with modern computing documentation. This was a major drawback and a bottle neck in the working of the department. It is confirmed that certain tasks and jobs can be faster and more efficient if certain quality freight forwarding software can be introduced. After doing some research two software were discovered that can help the AlMadina freight forwarding department to work more efficiently and in a quick manner saving a lot of time digging into piles of archives and information.

After evaluating the both software, one of these software with the best features that will fulfill the requirements of the company’s freight forwarding department will be suggested to the management for implementation, configuration and deployment. The two software are as follows.

  • Freight Easy
  • Freight Dragon

After the evaluation the “Freight Dragon” was found to be very efficient, effective and up to date. This software will definitely can become the jewel of the freight forwarding department of AMLS.

List of symbols and abbreviations

AMLS                                              AlMadina Logistics Service

Main content of the Graduation Project

AlMadina Logistics Service (AMLS) is one of the leading company in the Sultanate of Oman serving in the logistics sector of the country. After a survey of the AMLS facility a problem was identified in the “freight forwarding” section of the AMLS organization. The freight forwarding department of AlMadina logistics take goods from manufacturers and producers and then forward them onwards to other departments so that the goods reach their destination on time and on schedule.

After studying the freight forwarding department it was discovered that there was no record keeping, bookkeeping or accounting database for records of freight forwarding activities. The process of searching for records were out dated and had to be done manually. This is painful to customers and clients of the company because they had to wait while the information related with old records had to be searched out from piles of archives. This is extremely inefficient and inconvenient for both workers and the clients of the company therefore there is a need that has been perceived to upgrade this system.

The Process of Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a process is which cargo is moved from one place to another. The freight forwarding is an entity also responsible custom clearance, cargo packing, and movement of dangerous goods (, 2012). The Freight forwarding department also takes care of documentation and this paper is about automation in maintaining these documents using a software that we will select after evaluating two different software.

Software to automate Bookkeeping Documentation

After some research two software that are found to be a fit for freight forwarding activities. These two software will be evaluated studying their features and one of them will be implemented in AlMadina Logistics Service. One software will be selected after studying the two software and comparing their features. The selected software will effectively automate the system making everything such as searching for information fast and easy in the AlMadina freight forwarding department.

Any of the following two software can be configured and implemented in the freight forwarding department for greater accountability and efficiency. These two software are as follows.

(1)Freight Easy (by E-Logistics)

(2) FreightDragon™

The detail of these, software and how these software can help the freight forwarding department of AlMadina Logistics Services, is given below.

(1)Freight Easy (by E-Logistics)

The Freight Forwarding software from Logitech is one the most comprehensive solution in the market. Its creators claim that it is an All-in-One software for freight forwarders and this includes Bookkeeping/Accounting (, 2006). It is a Cloud Based software and its users can work with it from outside of the office. All you need is a Windows based system with the Microsoft browser that is Internet Explorer 6 SP1 or higher. The software can run anywhere and anytime in the (Preferably in a laptop or in a tablet PC) IE browser. Off course you need to have an Internet connection also (FreightEasy Handbook, n.d.).

Freight Easy is also claimed to be a very powerful piece of software that can perform any job in the Freight forwarding department. It’s a very easy software and you can move between the different parts of it very easily. The interface is kept as intuitive as possible. The data entry for bookkeeping or Accounting reports also can be done very easily without disturbing the work flow. This implementation in the AlMadina Logistics can be extremely invaluable for customer services. The old company data can be entered into the system and reports can be taken out from the database on the request of the clients (, 2006).


The second option to enhance the freight forwarding department is to deploy “FreightDragon”. It is a new software as compared to “FreightEasy”. It is also expected to provide its services on mobile devices soon with mobile apps which makes it a truly outstanding and modern alternative to “FreightEasy”. Freight dragon is cloud based with high security features. The software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. The data protection is guaranteed along with 99.99 percent uptime which means the Freight Dragon Cloud service is also reliable.

Implementing this software system can make the business more productive while shedding off stress from the freight management department. This software has some of the most remarkable features that not only allows to manage bookkeeping (Registering) but you get an array of other benefits also. Driving the Freight Forwarding to its maximum efficiency and keeping the customers satisfied. The main feature and the intent of this document is to focus on the automation of accounting (bookkeeping) and reporting portion of the software but there are many other management features which can be implemented if they are being done manually in the freight forwarding department.

Leads Management System: The leads management feature of the software also gives outstanding management control to sales professionals with the software.

Quotes Management System (QMS): The Freight Dragon software offers Quotes Management System (QMS). This feature of the software makes it easy to give quotes to new customers and keep the old customer quotes in the database. So the sales personnel can easily price the customers and send personalized emails. Freight Dragon also have a Customer Relation management (CRM) also which make the transactions more manageable between the customers and salesmen.

Order Management System (OMS): The quotes can be converted into orders in just a click of a button. You can also allow customers to place their own order and the system is completely automated.

Reports & Accounts Payable System (RAPS): This system is a very powerful feature of the Freight Dragon software. It can show you customer and carrier balances in reports, you can observe the tasks of personnel dealing with sales and lead. The QuickBooks feature of RAPS allows is the export of customer, Vendor and item information. It can save you from time consuming searches for duplicate entries. This is a perfect feature that can solve AlMadina Logistics Bookkeeping (Register) problem and this software can give many additional feature that can automate the systems in the AMLS’ freight forwarding departments taking all the head aches away. (, 2014)


After taking a look at the different features of the both software Freight Dragon has been chosen to be the best to perform the fulfillment of the needs of the AlMadina Logistic’s Freight Forwarding department.

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