Every year tens of thousands of people suffer from eye injuries. According to American Academy of Ophthalmology most of these injuries occur during sports and other recreational activities. Most of these eye injuries can be prevented by utilizing the correct safety gear for eyes. Human eye is a very delicate part of the human body and it is highly prone to injury, even lite sports like softball and racquetball can become a threat.

The most common type of eye injuries includes but is not limited to the following.

Blunt Eye Trauma: An abrupt and intense blow to the eyebrow can cause eye injury. When coming into the path of an object or bumping into something hard causing a blow in the eye, can cause internal bleeding in the eyelids. This kind of injury is called black eye. A more serious condition can also rupture the eyeball; retina or orbital blow out fracture which means that a bone or multiple bones around the eye may break.

Penetrating eye injury: In the case of an object penetrating the eye can cause permanent vision loss depending on the location of the injury and extent of penetration. This type of object may be a flying debris or a collision with the gear of another player during a sport activity.

Corneal Abrasion: This injury can be caused by a flying fragment of wood or metal in a factory or a player getting a hit in the eye from another player while playing football or basketball. In such an injury the outer layer of an eye gets rupture as a result of a scratch.

Radiation Eye Injury: Eyes exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun for a long time can be extensively harmful to the vision. Athletes that play water sport such as surfing and winter sports such as skiing without a protective gear are exposed to the glare of the sunlight reflected from water and snow can lead to damage to eye sight or vision loss.

Chemical Burn: In certain sports there are chemicals used on the field that carry chemicals that are acidic and alkaline in the form of sprays and paints. This can cause permanent blindness and less exposure may result in irritation and burning until eyes are flushed with cold water.

If an eye injury occurs, no matter how minor in appearance, calls for an immediate seek for medical attention to avoid severe complication that may result even due to a less obvious eye injury. Timely medical aid can prevent serious eye sight damage and it is worth mentioning that all eye injuries do not appear serious in terms of portraying sign and symptoms. Only a professional medical examination can rule out a possibility of a serious eye injury.

Prevention of Eye Injuries

As mentioned before most of the eye injuries takes place in the sports arena therefore whether a sports is low risk or high risk it is important to rely on proper protective eyewear to prevent any eye damage or distress. It can be a huge mistake to rely on only sunglasses. Every sports have its own protective eyewear gear such as Basketball players wear eye protection made from polycarbonate lenses to remain safe from other player’s figures and elbows. The following link leads to an impressive range of high quality eyewear designed for protection from the adverse mishaps of a high range of activities.


One added advantage of these eyewear is that you can have them even if you are short sighted. Just send them the prescription and safely enjoy activities that can otherwise destroy your life.