The NJ Telephone system is the certified dealer of Panasonic Phone System in New Jersey. Panasonic is the world’s top and foremost telephone manufacturing company. Because of our partnership with Panasonic and our hard work, NJ Telephone Systems has emerged as one of the most reliable company in the New Jersey’s telephone market.

Reasonable Prices and Money Back Guarantee

NJ Telephone is a provider of a broad range of Panasonic telephones sets in the New Jersey’s telephone market along with other related services. We have the very best one time prices for our customers with no monthly fee and 90-day money back guarantee. If the telephone system from us is not up to your par, we will fix it or you will get complete refund of your payment.

 No Compromise on Quality

If you are in need of a quality business or home telephone system anywhere in New Jersey than we are the best place to look for the awesome phone you always wanted for your office or residence. Our technical staff is fully certified and trained to carry installation, configuration as well as repair and support. Our technical and professional services are also available and working at places where previously installed telephone systems have been full of problems because of the unreliable work done by other telephone companies in New Jersey.  

Save Money with Us

We offer a free “phone bill analysis program” that is devised to cut down your Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC). After we receive your bill, it is searched for patterns. The patterns and long distance plan cost are compared with the data of hundreds of providers. When this analysis is complete we provide you with suggestions that will help you reduce your monthly telephone charges to quite an extent based on the calling patterns of your organization.

We can help you to optimize your communication networks by reducing the incoming lines of all your communication devices like fax, modem and telephones. This step alone can save you hundreds of dollars each month.

We are making communication history in New Jersey since 1985 being Certified Panasonic Dealer, our technical staff takes training and support directly from Panasonic so that we can sever you better. We are simply the best choice in the New Jersey’s telephone market for viable telephonic solutions.