The chosen Singaporean company is a global organization headquartered in Jurong East Singapore named as Creative Technology Ltd. The company was founded by Sim Wong Hoo and has a history of competitive innovations in electronic devices related mainly with sound and video technologies as well as other devices (“Stocks”, 2016). The firm began as a computer repair shop and started to develop an add on memory boards for Apple II computers. Later the company came to manufacture customized PC with built-in Chinese language interface. The company designed and developed enhanced audio capabilities in these adopted PCs that could produce speech and melodies. Throughout its existence the company is credited with producing technologies that were center around digital systems for personal computers and personal digital equipment (“Press Relations”, 2016).

Job Analysis

The purpose of this study is to do job analysis for the position of Network Administrator of Creative Technology Ltd. Based on the information gathered during this study it was found that Network Administrator employees generally work in the server rooms and data center of the company. They do sometimes visit the desktop client computers.

Job Description

Job Title: Network Administrator

Job Location: Data Center at the Head Office

Job Summary: The Network Administrator keeps the company’s computer network running smoothly and keeps a check over the health of network devices and troubleshoots day to day problems on the servers and other devices. He keeps the software and operating systems on machines up to date and deploys, installs and configures software and hardware machines on the network. A person with a technical zeal works well in the network environment.

Reporting to: The Information Technology Department Manager.

Work Conditions: Pleasant

Job Duties: He takes care of the company’s computer network that includes users, computers and other network devices.

Machines to be used: computer clients and servers, many different types of free and paid software, routers, firewalls and other network devices.

Hazards: Data loss, Cyberattacks, Hacking attacks, financial and productivity loss due to network downtime.


Job Specifications

Qualifications: The Network Administration incumbent should have the following qualifications

He should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information technology or equivalent experience.

The Network Administration job candidate should have certifications in Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), CompTIA A+. Other certification in Information Technology will be a plus.


Experience: The incumbent Network Administration should at least have a 5+ years of experience on an enterprise network.

Training: The Network Administrator should have the training for all the certifications.

Skills: The network Administration requires the following skill set.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012.
  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/10.
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • SQL server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Private cloud computing
  • Cisco Pix Firewall
  • Experience with Cisco Routers

Responsibilities: The Network Administration has the following job responsibilities

  • Install and support of LAN, WAN, subnets and network segments.
  • Intranet systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of hardware or software.
  • Troubleshoot, analyze and isolate software and hardware issues.
  • Monitor health and security of the network devices.
  • monitor the performance of systems and devices.
  • identify user requirements.
  • Take care or network and system requirements.
  • Maintain network and systems integrity and security.
  • Keep up the network quality of service, connectivity and performance in accord with requirements of users and the technical considerations.
  • Design and deploy network systems and devices.

(“Network Administrator Job Description |”, 2016)

Emotional Characteristics: Should be able to work under pressure.

Sensory Demand: A network administration should have the following sensory demands.


  • Proper illumination should be provided
  • Proper temperature control is required in the server rooms and datacenters
  • The sever room and the datacenter should not be too noisy.
  • The noise level should be low enough for verbal conversation with other employees.

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities, and other Characteristics (K.S.A.O)

These are the attributes related with a good performance on a specific job. Knowledge is what the professional knows, skill is what a person can physically or mentally perform on a job, Ability in aptitude to learn on a physical, mental psychomotor levels. Other personal characteristics counts for personal variables, interests, training, and experiences and it cannot be assessed with psychological tests or other assessment tools.   


Job Design

Job Design is the factor that follows Job Analysis. Job Design ensures the success of a jobs by eliminating job dissatisfaction and employee alienation that arise from monotony at the workplace. There several tasks in Network Administration that are repetitive and may lead to boringness. Moreover, many people consider the work of Network Administration to be very dry. To counter all this and to enhance efficiency, motivation, safety & Health (ergonomics) and mental capacity the following can be done for Network Administration post.

Job Efficiency

A job efficiency for a Network administrator is absolutely crucial.  A network administration can be a highly stressful job at times specially when the network is down due to a technical problem that is hard to locate and fix in complex software and hardware installments. Such a problem can lead to something that is called network suffering that can lead to very little or no sleep and rest. The Network Administrator is forced to spend days and nights to fix a problem that is hard to troubleshoot and fix. Prolonged deprivation from eating and sleeping can cause serious health problems that can negatively impact the efficiency of the professional. In worst scenarios when the pressure is on from the management to fix the network or server system as soon as possible leads to problems such as stomach ulcers and psychological problems as some studies show. Following steps can be taken in job design to overcome such mishaps and boast efficiency in Network Administration job role.

  • Authorize Delegations: A Network Administration a job of a very high responsibility. All or most of the invaluable data of the organization is at the deposit of the Network Administrator. The company must assure the wellbeing of such an important professional in the organization. It should be ensured that the IT department is not understaffed. The Network Administrator should be provided enough subordinates to carry out routine tasks specially that are related with providing technical support and other such tasks that require leaving the seat. The Network Administrators should be given proper training in management and delegation because most the time Network Administrators have a technical background.
  • Creating to-do-lists: The Network Administrator should be encouraged to make to-do-lists which is another way Network Administrator can enhance their work efficiency by prioritizing work that need special attention. This also leads to more effective time management. It psychologically imparts a sense of accomplishment when the list items are ticked and it also helps to assess the patterns of productivity (“10 ways to increase your efficiency at work”, 2015).


It is quite important as a job design factor that the Network Administrator remains motivated. One important pillar in employee motivation is salary and fringe benefits which is scientifically proven. Similarly, it is important that as a fringe benefit the Network Administrators should be issued laptops and tablet devices that they can be used in their workplace and at home as well. This does happen to motivate Network Administrators to work in their leisure hours and keep connected with the company’s network especially for monitoring purposes to stay informed if something goes down at the network and to take a timely action (“Motivating Employees Through Job Design”, 2016).

Safety and Health (ergonomics)    

The safety and health has to be ensured for Network Administrators. Network requires work for long hours on computers sitting down on office chairs. Research has shown that typing for long hours on computer can lead to wrist and hand injuries especially if the worker is of an older age. Pain can also occur in the back of a worker like a Network Administrator who keeps seated. It is highly important that a Network Administrator is properly trained is some aspects of ergonomics. He should take frequent breaks to reduce strain on eyes, back and on hands to avoid any medical complications. Additionally, the furniture such as office chair should be ergonomically designed to prevent any back injuries due to prolonged sitting (“Safety and Health Topics | Ergonomics”, 2016).

Mental Capacity

Mental capacity of the job design is related with reducing the information overload and incorporation of memory aids for day to day tasks. The Network administrator deals with loads and loads of information every day. Most of this information is filled with jargon and is technical in nature. This is why it is important that the Network Administrators and other Information Technology professionals are rightfully trained in information management. This is an important decision as a part of job design that has the ability to enhance the efficiency of information workers.



Recruitment Strategy and Its Implementation

Recruitment strategy plays an important role in attracting the best talent in the labor market. The role of competitors that are also on the hunt for experienced talent cannot be ignored. The recruitment strategy also revolves around online job boards, organizational newsletters and office memos. Hiring a wrong professional can be costly for an organization. The right Network Administration talent can be acquired from walk-in applicants, publicizing vacancies in periodicals, Internet job boards and utilizing audio and visual media sources. It is worth mentioning that the print and audio means of recruiting advertisement has proven to be ineffective. The human resource department follow the goals set by the recruitment strategy to hire appropriate people to work in the company (“Recruitment Strategies”, 2016).

The IT experts look as far as one year ahead of their time and they also keep an eye on the skills that top the charts. The IT market is tough as the unemployment remain very low for the Information technology industry. This causes a great problem for recruiters and hiring companies like ours to hunt down these professional as well as to retain or replace them as they remain our most valuable commodity. There is another factor that makes things worse for recruiting entities which is that the Singaporean market as well as other job markets in the world is flooded with handsome opportunities that allows IT professionals like Network Administrators to easily seek and find other opportunities that fancy them. Likewise, there is another factor that there is a large number of IT professional including Network Administrators that are inclining towards doing freelance work and their number is rising giving an alternative to a 9 to 5 job and causing a brain drain in the IT market.

Due to these factors it is very important for Creative Technology Ltd. to sweeten the pot with state of the art work facilities and hefty pay packages to attract IT professionals. A parallel strategy can also be considered to outsource specific skilled works and tasks to remote and freelancing IT professionals (Hein, 2016).

The following are some recruiting strategies to focus on recruiting sources.

Media Networks: In order to hire top talent in Information Technology like in the case of Network Administrator requires advanced recruiting technologies, experienced recruiting professional and proprietary marketing systems. It has been found that the Media Networks such as Social Media Networks can publicize the opportunities to a very huge pool of Information Technology professionals numbered in tens of thousands. The exposure goes to both active and passive Network Administrators that can prove to be a true fit for Creative Technology Inc.

Private Databases: The private databases of resume can be an effective source of reaching new candidates and the same time it is also fruitful to have good relationships with other companies that have similar labor requirements to refer candidates that are not useful to us but can be a good fit for other companies. This is the way they might refer candidates that may be good fit for us as a gesture of good will.

Recruiting Networks: It is quite helpful to be a part of recruiting agencies and firms. These firms are located throughout Singapore can also be of great help to find just the right skillful talent in Network Administration that is a good fit for Creative Technology Ltd (2016).  


Selection Strategy and Implementation

The selection is the next step after the recruitment and just as before there should be selection strategy in place. Without a firm selection strategy in place means a bad hire that can lead to waste of time and money and the Human Resource department has to face an unnecessary burden to start the recruitment process from the beginning. Unlike small business a large corporation like Creative Technology Ltd. must determine a selection strategy to screen Information Technology candidates for the post of Network Administrator. The human resource departments have to choose from a standard selection strategies or combine the elements of several strategies to create a single custom strategy that can be adopted for the Creative’s Information Technology department.

A selection strategy to hire a Network Administer can be crafted from the following individual strategies to best fit our requirements.

Knowledge Skill or Abilities

This is the most tradition way of hiring a professional especially hiring someone who’s knowledge, skill and abilities plays a key role in his or her day to day job. This is extremely important for an Information Technology professional like a Network Administrator. The knowledge, skill and the abilities of a Network Administrator is extremely crucial for his job. Before even beginning the process of recruitment strategy or selection strategy the job specifications are pinned down and the information in the job specifications are used to test the knowhow of a candidate that may be hired as a Network Administrator for Creative Technology Ltd. The Human Resource department decides the best tools to assess the candidates. These tools may include screening, Telephone interview, background check etc.


Outsourcing is a selection strategy that the human resource department may decide to employ if there are lack of people with specialize knowledge or if the task is too large to be handled within our organization.  In this strategy recruitment firms or headhunters will be hired to do specialized tasks such as assessments of the candidates, check references and background, perform initial interviews and screen the large application pools.

Multistage Selection Strategies

A multistage selection strategy combines a number of assessment tools as a part of the selection process. The human resource department will be responsible to validate each assessment tool ensuring that each tool is legitimately related to the requirement of the open position of Network Administrator. The tools that will be used execute the multistage strategy for the assessment of Network Administrator job will have to include a shortlisting candidates, technical interview, a sample work performance test along with the skill test and a human resource interview. This strategy can ideally be paired with conjunctive strategy.

Conjunctive Strategy

The conjunctive strategy offers utilization of multiple assessment tools in a series of stages. If a candidate does poorly on an initial stage of assessment, he or she is eliminated from the shortlist. The assessment tools will be carefully selected so that a candidate is not eliminated based on a less important criterion than the tool that is introduced later in the strategy. This strategy is also cost effective because only a short list of candidates will face the cost bearing assessment tools later on (“Selection Strategies for HR”, 2016).


It is quite obvious that it is highly important to devise a solid strategy to attract, recruit and select the right talent for the post of Network Administrator. This is due to ever changing and tough competition from other hiring business entities. The odds may not be in our favor when it comes to hiring the best talent for our company but with careful and vigilant work we will be able to find the perfect match for our company. I will make sure that all the strategies that are described in this report are earnestly followed and refined to hunt down the perfect IT professional as a Network Administrator for Creative Technology Inc.