Deep facial cleansing is by far the most popular skin treatment that most clients choose to have whenever they visit the spa. There are many techniques that esthetician utilize to perform facial deep cleansing but most of these techniques have the following steps in common.

Step#1: Cleansing

The first step is cleansing. You gently wrap the hairs of your client with a headband or a towel. Then remove the makeup that your client might be wearing. It is good practice that you rub some cream, gel or lotion on the face and neck of your client. You can use cotton pads, soft clothes and warm water to remove the cleanser.

Step#2: Consultation

In the second step you cover the eyes of your client with moistened pads and use a light and magnifying glass or a lamp to examine the skin of your client to determine the nature of treatment that your client needs. The magnifying glass or the lamp will help you to find out what is the type of your client’s skin (i.e. dry, oily etc.). This examination also shows you the skin condition like acne, sunburn and blackheads that has to be taken care of before the treatment. You give your client the suggestions to reach for an agreement.

Step#3: Steam

You apply steam to the face of the client by either using a mildly heated and moist towel or a machine that gently directs steam to the face. The steam removes the blackheads and the white heads by loosening them and the sweat from the pours will remove them.

Step#4: Exfoliation

The exfoliation process is used depending on the facial technique. Exfoliation can be done before during and after the steam. Exfoliation cream, gel, mask or peel is used before and after the stem in most cases. The blackheads are removed during this process and it accompanies scrubbing and or massage during the steam process.

Step#5: Extraction                

The extraction process is next as your client’s face has relaxed and the remaining blackheads and whiteheads. This is a painless process in which you use lighted magnified glass/lamp to find imperfections in your client’s skin. There are a number of certain techniques to accomplish this task.

Step#6: Massage

You can use a facial massage to stimulate the facial muscles and to put your client in to a state of deep relaxation. Depending on the type of the facial oil or lotion can be used during the massage.

Step#7: Facial Mask

After the massage facial mask is applied. The mask has a formulation that treats the skin type and help alleviate any skin condition of the client. Sometimes massage is given while the client waits for the mask to work.

Step#8: Final Application

After the removal of the mask the client is given an application of a specific cream or gel. The client can also be given serums, sunscreens and moisturizers.

Basic Home Skin Care Regimen  

The following skin care regimen can be used for any skin type. Use the following products in every day routines.

  1. Cleanser: Removes debris, oil and makeup


  1. Toner: calms skin during makeup removal also adds vital skin-repairing ingredients.



  1. Exfoliator: Gently removes dead skin cells revealing new cells.


  1. Anti-wrinkle/Antiaging with sunscreen: Essential morning step keeps away the damage from the sun and prevents aging.



  1. Antiaging/Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer: It makes your skin healthier and it looks younger with all the benefits of a moisturizer.


Skin Care Recommendations

  • Moisturize immediately after shower
  • Use cold black tea to prevent an oily face
  • For sensitive skin apply a tablespoon of full-fat sour cream for 20 minutes
  • Soak feet in a utensil of very dark black tea to treat foot odor
  • Remove puffiness of the skin with massage before makeup
  • Remove skin redness by drinking cold water
  • To fight pimples, use decongestant
  • Rub a cloth soaked in soya milk on your skin once a week for a bright skin
  • Use different towels for your face and hair
  • For best results refrigerate your eye gel to better prevent puffiness
  • Use honey on your face in your steam bath for exfoliation
  • Mix a teaspoon of organic oatmeal with your cleanser, smooth it for 10 minutes for exfoliation
  • Avoid facials right before a big night
  • Drink fruit or vegetable smoothie to treat sunburn