Q1. List at least three (3) benefits that could be achieved by anticipating possible risks. Use the completed risk management plan to provide an example.

The three benefits of anticipating risks are as follows,

  1. There is better confidence level of investors to invest in the project if the proper measures are taken to assess and mitigate the risk factors (Maxwideman.com, 2014).
  2. A good risk management plan means that there will be fewer delays in the completion of the project. The project will have a greater chance of being completed on time.
  3. A good risk management leads to a better control over money and the situations of cost overrun can be avoided or eliminated. The project completes on budget and satisfies the clients. (Bcs.org, 2014)

Example: If the upper management is informed that is the Website is tested in different widely used web browsers. Moreover, if the upper management is also convinced that all the measures are being taken to make the project successful, It will surely win the support of the top managers.

Q2. Explain how a properly developed risk management plan could help functional resources and executives, external to the IT Project Management team, to mitigate possible delays or increased costs.

One important aspect of risk management is risk analysis. Most of the risks are identified when the project is well underway. The risk analysis allows project managers to identify and evaluate the risks that may delay the project and raise the cost value. A proper risk management that may include contingency plans can lead the project to a successful one. When all the risks are identified and evaluated and placed in a project, there is a better certainty that the project is completed on time and within the constraints of the budget. The cost and timing of the project always are major concerns of major stakeholders of a project. If the risks are properly managed, the chances are that the project will complete to the satisfaction of the client.


Q3. Develop a project communications plan based on the completed risk assessment describing various communications that will be produced throughout the project.

There can typically be two types of a communication plans for a project,

  1. Ongoing Communication
  2. One time or Event driven Communication

The “Ongoing Communication” allows schedule meeting with the project team and status reporting and updating to other stakeholders on a regular basis.

The “One Time or Event Driven Communication” either spells trouble or opportunity this may include training schedules, meeting with clients, meetings with vendors and issues that may suddenly arise (Developing Your Project Communication Plan, 2006).

Let us suppose that we are in the phase of testing company’s new website by connecting the services at its back end of the website and the test fails. A meeting of the technical staff will be held, and it has been identified that a software is required to be purchased to fix the problem. A meeting with the upper management along with the financial manager and the IT manager is called. A presentation is scheduled in the meeting to gain confidence of the management, who usually are not very tech savvy, to invest in the software. It is obvious that in all this the communication process an effective communication plan will play an archetypical role.


Q4. Evaluate the role of communication management within project management.

A project manager must unavoidably be a good communicator. Project management communication skill may never be perfect like many other skills, but there is always room for improvement. Project teams are a usually a diverse group of experts on different grounds. There is no doubt that during the execution of a project the project manager is the leader and communication skills are a major part of any leadership skills (Successful-project-management.com, 2014).


Q5. Describe at least three (3) benefits that a project team could achieve by having properly planned communications. Use the completed project communication plan to provide an example.

The benefits of properly planned project communication are as follows,

  1. A properly planned project communication gains the confidence of investors and other stakeholders in you as a project manager.
  2. It allows project workers to properly understand their roles in the project.
  3. Proper communication with the upper management rectifies small issues that can become major problems later on in the project.


Risk Management Plan  



Risk Owner / Role Strategy for Managing Risk. Response Resources Required
Des Designing a sample Website The HTML and CSS code may have undetected errors  Web designer  The different types of browsers that will be used in the organization should be identified.  HTML and CSS code must be advised to be rechecked and thoroughly tested.  Hardware




and web designers

AttaiAttaining consensus on

D      design from upper





 The sample website may still have design issues, even if it is approved by the upper managers, on cross browser platform. If proper versions of HTML and CSS languages are not selected for coding.  Web designer  Only HTM5 and CSS3 (The latest versions) should be selected.  The new website’s HTML and CSS code must be tested in common web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. Proper software tools such

as HTML5

and CSS3 IDE

(Integrated Development


Web designers

D     Developing the


 The code may have some vulnerabilities for a cyber-attack  Web developers and Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)  The programming code must be robust and should be error free in different browsers used in the company.  The IT team should keep the coding for the website up to date to avoid different types of cyber- attacks any time in the future.  Hardware


Web developers

       The CEH should be allowed to carry out planned attacks on the website and the network to further test the website’s vulnerabilities.  Hardware


Certified Ethical Hackers

(Hacking experts)

Te      Testing the Website


 Some issues related with functionality may emerge that may lead to delay in the project  Test Engineers   Ample time should be given to website testing.  The test engineers should be granted necessary time to make sure the website is error free.  Software


Test Engineers

Tr        Transitioning Web

services to the new


 It may lead to bandwidth problems or even crashes and errors.  IT team  The website transition must be thoroughly planned and tested in an IT lab. A team of IT engineers should be organized to thoroughly plan and lab test the transition before actual task is carried out.  Software


An IT team

Testing Lab


Note: Document the plan by using the following table format.

Project Communication Plan
Stakeholder Report/Document Description and Format Time Frame / Frequency Benefit to the Project
 Executive Management  Project status document  Every 1 weeks a document will be submitted  1 week  The project manager will have the confidence of the top Executives.
Chief Financial Officer  Report  1 month  1 month  The budget of the project will be kept under control.

Q6.Suggest how communications management could optimize communications within the project team and other stakeholders.

Technical communication from the project team has to be interpreted with the help of communication managers to gain the trust of top management. In many cases the top managers are not very technology oriented but it is important to win their confidence. In this kind of a situation, the communication management reveals its benefits.


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