Every home owner has a time in life when he or she decides to sell his or her home. Having a decent home most probably is one of the largest chunks in your financial investments. Selling it is not a small decision, in fact it can be one of the big and most important decisions in one’s personal life.

If you are in a fix to make up your mind to sell this important piece of your property than thinking up for reasons why do I need to sell my house? and writing all the reasons on a piece of paper can help you make up your mind. In the following you will see the three top reasons why people sell their homes.

Reason#1: People Looking for Something Bigger and Better

Perhaps, the number one reason people are looking for a new home and selling away the old one is that they are hunting for a house that is more spacious and perceptively better. When people decide to have children or already had a child birth, they naturally look for a bigger house that is larger and more suited for their children. The desire for a bigger house can have other reasons also. May be you have more furniture or you have an aesthetic taste and you’re an art collector and you need more room for your collectables. The decision of getting a bigger and better accommodation can culminate from the growth of one’s finances, when one has more to spend there is more tendency to buy bigger and better things.

Reason#2: The Market Price on the Rise

Selling a home can undeniably be influenced by the market forces of supply and demand. If someone is on a fence, unable to make up his mind to sell his house, a sudden spike in demand of property is enough to give that house owners a lucrative return. In such a scenario, when there are more buyers in the market then sellers, the price for houses go up dramatically and it induces the house owners to sell their houses till a new balance of supply and demand in the real estate market is established.   

Reason#3: Change in Lifestyle

It is human nature that people get fed up with monotony in their life.

People may be looking for a friendlier neighborhood that can make them sell their home.

There are a number of people who may hunt for a new job in a different region and may relocate some different area selling away their house as they go. Selling a home may happen by people that may have a long commute to their offices, this makes good reason for them to sell their home and move closer toward their new location and enjoy a different lifestyle.

There can be individuals who may want close proximity to their family and friends to enrich their lifestyle and that results in change of residence.

A change in lifestyle often results in a marriage and the both spouses wants to live together. This results in one of the spouse to sell his or her home.

Presentation of a Home while Selling

A buyer in the most usual cases makes up his mind in the early couple of minutes whether he will buy or leave the house. The first impression can be decisive and most crucial to achieve the price that you desire from your property.

In order to achieve an optimum price for your home, the presentation of the house plays a key role. If you put yourself in the buyers shoes you would definitely realize that you would not fancy to buy a dirty and a shaggy house. And not only that the presentation of the house obtained by spending little amount or cash and some effort can give you a killer price.      


Make the Exterior Presentable

The exterior of you house tells a lot of the story of what will be inside. For a buy a well-conditioned house may be alluring enough to pay top dollars with less debate. With some effort and little spending, you can gain a very nice exterior, consider that as an investment. You can follow the following comprehensive steps to enhance the exterior of your house.

If you have lawn make sure the shrubs and grass are nicely cut.

Make sure that the paint on the exterior looks good if not a good paint job will add to the investment on the house. Also, repaint the gates and fences if need be.

Take a check and make sure that the roof, the gutters and down spouts look and feel in good condition. Wash the gateways and sidewalks.

Repair or replace the gates, fences, windows, screens and windowsills. Look for cracks at the drive and the sidewalk. Make sure that the door bell and front lights work properly. All the sides and the backyard should be in good condition.

Make the Interior Presentable

Spend some time making the interior of the house to look better. You don’t need to be an interior designer for this but some simple checks can go a long way in settling down a handsome amount for the house if done properly.

Kitchen: Make the kitchen clean, bright and attractive. It should be clean of spots that includes cupboards, stoves, oven, appliances and hoods for ventilation. Make sure the floor has not been worn out, if it is repair it and replace any loose tiles.

Bathroom: Look for any loose tiles in the bathroom also. Repair or replace any dripping or leaked faucets. Use special cleaning fluids to clean all the bathroom fixtures if they are stained or dirty.

Living Room: Make sure the wall and the ceiling of the house is clean from any stain or marks and the color is not dull. The floor should be clean and shiny and thoroughly polish it if possible. Properly fix any cracking board or stair tread. Shampoo the rugs and carpets nice and clean. Clean and launder all the window coverings such as curtains and drapes.

Last Minute Detail

When a buyer comes in make them feel at home. Play some nice soothing music with volume low enough that conversation is not interrupted. Use air freshener to eliminate bad orders especially if you have pets or the house has been closed for some time. Keep the rooms neat and clean and avoid any clutter with house hold items. Keep the plants fresh and heathy and use fresh flowers to tastefully decorate the house.

Presentation Tips for the Sell Duration

You can take the following personal presentation measures while the house is being shown.

Be very courteous and do not force conversation to the potential buyer during the time you are showing the house.

Do not unnecessarily apologize from the potential buyer if something remains to be fixed or looks bad, let the realtor answer any questions.

Trust your realtor to explain about the features of the house and let your realtor to show around the house. Do not tag along unless it is absolutely necessary e.g. opening locked doors etc.

Pass direct inquiries to your realtor and trust his professional skills.

Allow your realtor discuss price, terms and conditions, information about procession and other factors with the potential buyer.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

Selling a home can be a very daunting task without the help of a professional real Estate agent. At the same time there can be very serious advantages of hiring a real estate agent that you should consider while selling a home. And as they are getting a modest percentage of the sale price as their commission, it is also in their interest to find a good price for you home. At the end it is your decision when and to whom to sell your home. The real estate agent will provide you with the best options.

One of the greatest advantage of hiring the agent is that he helps you to set the right price of your home. Professional real estate agents are working and dealing in the real estate market and are constantly making deals so they have experience and knowhow of things that work in this industry. So, for a home seller it can be pretty rewarding to form a trust relationship with a good real estate agent. In most of the cases the commission of the real estate agent is set prior to the selling deal of the house is done.

A real estate agent also plays a very good role in marketing your property. Agents have all the up-to-date information of the property in the real estate market.  They do all the heavy lifting to hunt down the perfect buyer who is looking for the exact same property that you own and at the right price that is negotiable for both parties.

One of best advantages of getting a good agent is that he will do all the legal and paper work for you regarding your property. This will save you time and effort. There are certain states in the US and in some countries the real estate agents are required by law to do all the paper work at the least.