There are events when combined movement of a team or group of people becomes a mandatory requirement.  In a case that obliges you for transportation in Singapore on a massive scale with assurance and reliability, you look for short term bus rental in Singapore. In any such case, you are welcomed to contact us by any means that is convenient for you.

The following types of rental services are available.

One-day bus rental

Our One-day rental package is there to help you enjoy your ride for one complete day. You may be a family visiting Singapore or a group of tourists that want to stroll around from place to place in search of something unique. We have high grade fleet of vehicles that can be catered exactly to your travel needs. There may be an occasion that you may plan an event such as a huge party or a wedding that is scheduled for a day long duration or the transportation distance might be a long one, in any such case plan with us. An excellent classy service awaits you.

Weekly bus rental

An affordable weekly bus schedule is also a call away as our services includes superior transport quality and on time availability when a group movement duration of transport is up to a week for any destination in Singapore. You do not have to mess around with maps or complicated GPS. Our experienced and friendly drivers will get you to your destination in a highly comfortable ride. We make sure that you reach your destination safely and securely. Call us now to find out about our travel plans.


One-way minivan rental

Tasteful Services are available for one way pick and drop for transporting you and your family, friend or colleagues. This is a service that is ordered when only one pick and drop service is required for a group of people. The process is very simple, our service will pick you up with your family, friends and loved ones at the desired time, date and location and take you to your destination in a predetermined time frame. There is no need to worry about taking a vehicle and going to a far of location and think about returning it.

Rent a bus or a minivan for a day

Our large fleet of comfortable vehicles are diverse enough to provide service to any size of a group of travelers who have a genuine need for a quality transport. There is no need to bother with calculations of how many transportation buses and minivans you need. Just contact us and provide us the number of people that need our service and give us the time and date of the pickup and you travel destination. We will take care of the rest and make sure that you are satisfied with our service. So, give us a call anytime for more information.

School excursions, family outing, corporate event

We have every means of transport to satisfy any cadre of people. If there are a certain number of student that plan a trip inside or outside the city in Singapore. We make sure that our quality service will make their outing ever more enjoyable and memorable. If you are a family with a significant number of members that have plans to enjoy and entertain, we are at your deposit, just give us a call. If you are a corporation and you need a transport for a good number of people at any company event, we are just a call away.