There is overwhelming evidence in the world history that provides a support to this belief that teacher make good political leaders. There are many examples in the world politics that shows that teachers became highly influential leaders, among these examples, one well known person is Barack Obama the 44th president of United States of America. It is not vague to say that a great teacher has the potential to become a great leader. The profession of teachers is such that they can acquire those qualities that makes them a good leader. In the following, there are a few main qualities that when a teacher acquires, during his teaching profession, can make him become a great leader.

Practice of Setting Goals for Students

A good teacher creates an attainable goal for his students and then provides all kinds of help such as resource allocation and proper coaching leading the students to become successful individuals. This is akin to business and political leaders. If there is a failure of some students in a class to achieve a predetermined goal such as failing a major exam. In such a condition, a great teacher does not blame this completely to the student rather he takes it optimistically and toils to understand the student and tries to come up with a plan and strategy to help the students who fail. Teaching is a very well respected profession is most of the world. A teacher, when teaching always have an option to make other students grow and in turn grow with them taking himself closer to become a better leader, increasing his chances to be more influential and make a difference in the world.

Lifetime learning

A great teacher and would be leader are constant learners and are in a continuous process of development of their skills. They look for ways to better understand the world around them. A teacher who likes to learn is a good problem solver and has the ability to rise to leadership of institutions. Conversely, a teacher who displays apathy in learning is left behind.

Creation of Organizational Culture

A teacher who is bound to become a successful leader positively influences the environment of the class and promotes the collective wellbeing of the institution where they work. The classroom culture and the culture of an institution as whole is bettered only when the different workers particularly the students feel comfortable with their studies and they enjoy activities that takes place there.

Resourcefulness of Teachers

Teacher that is destined to become successful leader is highly resourceful. If he finds adverse circumstances at work, he tries to find paths to circumvent the problems. If he finds exhausted monetary resources which is common in the third world countries, he comes up with ideas for fundraising from different means. If he finds obstacles in bureaucracy due to corruption and apathy, then he struggles to find alternative ways but he never lets down hope against a hurdle because the problems are there in order to be solved. Such teachers are the ones who rise to power and become strong leaders.

A teacher who has a vivid understanding and vigorous knowledge of leadership always succeed in the wake of a problem that challenge their ethics and faith. It is also worth the mention that great leaders are men of unprecedented discipline and they never compromise with their principals. Every step that a leader takes is always in the collective good of the people he leads.