Your cat needs proper diet and regular exercise to remain healthy. The type and amount of food that you should give to your cat depends on certain factors like breed, age, specie, health and lifestyle.

Cats love to eat meat and they are not herbivores therefore, they cannot eat vegetables. There is a particular type of proteins that is only found in meat which is vital for the body of a cat without which it can go very sick and in some cases blindness may occur. The vitamin A found in animal fat is necessary for sustaining their health.

‘Life stage feeding’ is the term used to determine what a cats should eat that belong to a particular age group. For instance, kittens need very different food compared to older cats because kittens’ body is under the growth phases. There are many different companies that specialize in making foods only for kittens. There are other companies that specialize in producing food for each of the other different age groups of cats.

The easiest way to provide your pet cat with all the nutrients that its body requires is to feed it complete commercial pet food. All the information about the quantity of the cat food that should be given comes with the pet food package. It is recommended by vets that the cats should not be given cow’s milk to drink. Cow’s milk contains sugar that upsets the cat’s digestive system.

Pets like cats can over eat and become fat. If you feed your cat lots of treats along with normal food, then the extra calories will turn into body fat that may cause health problems for your cat in the long run. You do not need give treats to show your love and affection to your pet cat. When you play and spend quality time with your cat, it is then that it enjoys the most.

Cats like to eat many small meals during the course of time of the day instead of large meals. Cats like to eat eight to sixteen times a day. It is usually better to leave some extra food for them to eat unless there is a chance that the food might be wasted or is eaten by other animals.

It is a good idea that you weigh the food at the start of the day before giving it to your pet cat. Most cats are very good at knowing that how much they should eat but some cats are very greedy. If you find that your cat is eating too much and its putting on weight, then you better give it two meals a day instead of leaving extra food out.

Many vets strongly advice that if you should not give your cat scrapes or left overs of your own food because of the following reasons.

  • A cat eating scrapes may refuse to eat its own food due to which unbalance in its diet will occur and it may start to put on weight.
  • Your cat may misbehave while you are taking your meals, thinking that it will also get food.