Components of Information Systems

(Presenter’s notes)

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Databases
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Procedures
  • People


  1. Hardware is the tangible component of the information systems. Hardware is the set of devices that allow the processing of information.
  2. Software is the intangible component of the information system. The software itself is one of the most important types of information.
  3. Databases represents is usually a huge amount of information that is highly organized. The information is managed by software that is called a DBMS (Database management systems). The DBMS allows users and programmers to manage, manipulate and take advantage of stored information in different ways.
  4. Telecommunication Networks allows the virtual joining, interaction and communication of different individuals and machines to process, share and exchange or communicate over long and short distances.
  5. The procedure is the set of instructions that allow the components such as hardware, software, databases and telecommunication networks in a way that those component can work with each other forming a system.
  6. People are the individuals who can work with information systems, interface with it and utilize the output